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A vivid dream of an experienced educationalist and a fabulous person Late Dr. Kedar Nath Modi , who with a very desirous approach , placed the base of Dr. K N Modi foundation, which under the essence of his wisdom, values and vision metamorphosed the entire foundation to the biggest establishment of technical and management education all over the country. Each and every young mind who seeks admission in the foundation grows up as a civilized human being made to use full of his/her potentials for the development and prosperity of our nation.

Titillated by the huge success of Spandan�10 which was concluded by the very famous Euphoria Band which gathered a huge crowd of the young spirited students of the Modi foundation, the third year students continued the saga with the grand SPANDAN�11 maintaining the glorious history of the K. N .Modi Foundation for the past 70 years, making all of us proud for being a part of this �ELITE� foundation.

Spandan�11 started with the blessing of SDM, Modinagar, Sh. Gyanendra Singh. A much known contemporary poet, Dr. Kumar Vishwas enlightened up the fest with his benevolent presence and won the hearts of all through his extraordinary and worth appraising magical poetry. After that the series of Events occurred and the audience was truly hypnotized by the intoxicating performances.

With successful completion of Spandan�10 and Spandan�11, this great saga continues in next year as Spandan�12, �A Tryst of Adventure�. Spandan�12 was blessed by the benign presence of Professor S.K. Cock . The famous Raeth Band with his breathtaking performance has made Spandan�12 unforgettable.

Other attention gaining events were the SARGAM and ROCK THE STAGE which caused goose bumps amongst the audience when the youth of the foundation displayed incredible talents on stage. The audience was overwhelmed with joy and thrill. The enthralling BAND competition ROCK ON compelled every ones souls to dance with the music.

The Bands from within and outside the foundation spell bounded one and all present there. Another exciting event was WALL PAINTING which represented the hidden reality with its shattering effect. Creativity was in its full form and the walls of Dr. KNMIET were beautifully poured with perfect combination of colors revealing the Indian culture and patriotism.

May other events like Antakshari, Face Painting, Ad-Renalin, Skit, T-Shirt Painting, India calling, tech- collage, just 1 minute, Code Maestros and lot more attracted the students of whole NCR to actively participate and win wonderful prizes.

The Technical events like The Rise of Machine, Lan Gaming, King of Scraps and many more gained huge Participation and contributed to the story of success of Spandan�12.
Various sports event like Table Tennis, Badminton, Mixed Cricket, Tug of War, Kabaddi and lot more have attracted audience and made them overjoyed.

This way, the Spandan�12, A Tryst of Adventure was great success and surveyed the opportunity to the students of the Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation to enhance their overall personality and added another glorifying and shining name to the history of Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation.