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Corporate Tnteraction

Dr. K.N.M.I.E.T. strongly believes that knowledge and education are the chief forces that determine success and failure of professional life.

This institute of Dr. K. N. Modi Foundation has been following the same thought process from over seventy years now and hence works hard to help their students to reach to the top of the success ladder by imbibing them with the most updated, productive and best knowledge. This vision has been realized because of the courses offered and syllabi mingle perfectly with the latest industry standards and their requirements.

This institute also organizes regular meets of the present batch with the alumni and senior industry professional as visiting faculty. It helps the students to understand the need of the time and also how to develop themselves more to get the best out of them. The industry sponsored research based study helps them to gather the in depth knowledge of particular topics. Summer training also keeps them updated and confident to cope up with the working pressures. In addition to this, hands-on training on live industry projects helps them understand the demands of the corporate world. As a result of these policies the placement of the students has become an easy and competent task.