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Teaching Methodology

The main focus of technical and professional education in the institute is to bring about a desirable change in the behavior of learner. Hence, realizing the shortcomings of traditional methodologies of teaching, team of prolific senior faculty members from the institute has evolved effective ways to teach our engineering students through especially designed teaching methodologies that help students to understand abstract and highly abstract concepts of engineering subjects clearly which is otherwise not possible using the conventional practices.

As it is our commitment to provide our students of sundry backgrounds with real-life learning experiences to develop their competence and confidence in their abilities, we lay emphasis on the interactive approach of teaching that provide the opportunities to student to remain active in teaching learning process. The methods of teaching comprise Multi-Sensory Instruction, Brain Storming Session, Live Project Method, Heuristics Method' Group Discussion Method, Team Teaching Method, Case Study and the use of audio-visual aids not only improves teaching learning process but make it more purposive.

Apart from that, Personal attention is given to students through tutorials. It provides remedial help to the learner addressing individual difficulties. Mentors are always accessible to students as a guide and counselor who not only redress their learning difficulties but personally take care of students� abilities, interest, and feelings for their all round development

Spacious digital classrooms well- equipped with all modern teaching aid like smart board, LCD, NPTEL video courses, multimedia projector, web-based animations, text, software etc. are accessible to the students. Students are benefitted from it as they consult study material related to their syllabus and beyond. Amalgamation of modern technology in teaching provide a new way to link abstract concepts with tangible visualizations for students which motivates them to learn abstract concept and ideas of engineering and leaves them more confident. Expert sessions are also conducted by professional from industry of repute over VSAT, a platform where the students and trainers interact in real time.

Keeping in mind the requirement present industry & employment opportunities available in the market, the institute is running a training program named �EDGE FOR INDUSTRY READINESS�. EDGE gives a systematic input both technical and soft skills within the campus that helps a student benchmark his/her skills with industry expectations.

Workshops are arranged at Dr. KNMIET at regular interval in various fields of engineering, technology, management, and other areas to give exposure of upcoming technologies to students.

Regular Personality Development Programme is running within the campus which is taken by experts from industry and academia to groom the overall personality of the students and thereby increasing the employability of the students.

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