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Being able to earn your living is of utmost importance and getting that opportunity for the first time is irrevocably pleasing. My grand day was on 24th January,2013 when I shook hands with the officials of “Cease Fire Pvt Ltd”. Though clearing the GD round needed confidence at par, only I knew how nervous I was from within! With the passing moments came the interview and along came a flood of interrogation and exquisite set of expressions from my interviewer. It took 3 long hours (and I literally mean “long”) of waiting and curiosity. The moment of excitement arrived and as the names were being called off, I thought I didn’t get through...and suddenly a similar sounding name came to my ears, being that nervous I couldn’t even recognise my name so I asked my friend, “Did you hear my name too along with yours?” .Her expression of assurance is still and will always be in my memories as the happiest moment of my life till now. And it may sound dramatic but I actually felt my eyes wet as I heard my mind saying “Finally you are placed!!” That was the first company and i am grateful to my college for giving me such an opportunity

Poorvi Verma, CSE

I Kanhaiya Manuja of Dr. KNMIET would be pleased to tell about my success .Recently, I got placed in not one but two companies as CEASE FIRE and SUPERTECH LTD. Not only this I run a national level NGO ‘A fight for Rights’ by being the president. That was the first company and I am grateful to my college for giving me such an opportunity

Kanhaiya Manuja
(CSE ‘2009-13’ Batch).

My most cherished memory up till now would undoubtedly be my selection in “MuSigma” by clearing the competitive selection process I went through. It was an organization fit for my goals which made me much more focused and determined to crack all the rounds with my full capability. With the completion of three exhausting rounds of written, GD and interview, I was given the news of my selection that very day. Being selected in a company well furnishing my dreams was the moment of immense joy and I will always be thankful to God and our college for my success.

Chandni kejriwal,
CSE Deptt.

There is always a moment in life… For which we all wait... Mine was about to come... I used to feel jealous when my other friends used to update their Facebook status as ‘placed’. Finally With the dawn of 1st October I also got a chance to put a status that says "placed". Code studio gave me that opportunity and by clearing the written technical round, the group discussion and technical and hr interview I became the first girl to be placed from DR.KNMIET. That was the first company and I am grateful to my college for giving me such an opportunity.

Mitali Goel
(C.S.E Deptt.)

From my childhood I was always attracted by electronic devices, these devices always surprised me. I was always curious to know about their working, their principle and their mechanism. Especially these automation devices and ROBOTS were my special area of interest. When I entered in engineering I got some real interviews with robots and they became a special part of life. I JUST LOVE ROBOTICS. Designing automation devices and robots is my only hobby and I always want to work with them. I always dreamt to work in such an organization where I can explore this amazing world of robotics and a lot of thanks to my college for providing me such an opportunity. Getting placed in Grid Bots technologies is just like all my dreams are coming true. This company is a leading organization in field of robotics in India and I am very happy to be part of it, now there is a world of robotics ahead and I know, I am going to meet some amazing robots in future.

Abhilash Dixit
(e.c.e. Deptt.)