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At Dr. K.N.M.I.E.T. academics is the core element that stands them apart from the other major players of the league. The infrastructure in the institute is set up in such a way that the academics is made more interesting and easy to understand for every student.

The students of the DR. KNMIET are dedicated and committed towards their curriculum and to encourage them the CAMPUS has left no stone unturned and always supports their thoughts. This helps the students to achieve higher success in life and become more serious towards their career in longer run. By providing various techniques, applications and methods the institute has attained world class standards.

This institute campus is well-resourced with state-of-the-art technical infrastructure and facilities. With green environment and technically advanced campuses, this institution is the ideal destinations for perfection oriented learning. The well organized infrastructure helps the students to concentrate on studies more and also provides them everything and every facility they require to keep their mind focused on their aim and success.

Our academic infrastuchure comprises

Class Rooms

Synchronous learning technology brings students in every classroom face-to-face with professors and classes consist of projectors for better understanding to the students. Digital classes are available for students for better understanding through the visible study material, which will run on VSAT connectivity. One such amenity are huge lecture rooms that have splendid designs together with excellent seating arrangements for more than thousands of students .There are separate seminar halls available for each department with the capacity of sitting more than 300 students at a time. And there is also the video conference hall is available for better understanding to the students An AV Studio transmits lectures from campus and facilitates preparation of professional quality educational material.


The institute has constructed many laboratories well incorporated with advanced equipment to help students in conducting practical experiments for both technical and non-technical subjects such as science and humanities.

In addition to this, we have highly sophisticated computer labs to manage the general purpose computing needs of all kinds of programs. By keeping track on the latest technological development we keep on updating the quality of devices installed in these up-to date laboratories.

Online software seamlessly integrates administration, education delivery and assessments, to improve convenience, compress cycle-time of administrative processes and reduce paperwork across the learning cycle.

In this institute several major equipments like CNC machine, Lathe machine, PELTON WHEEL TURBINE, UTM machine, PCB making equipments, CAD & DSP software, IBM �COE software, JAVA/J2EE software are available.


KNMIET library is fully air-conditioned equipped with books on diverse subjects and is fully computerized containing software for record keeping. It has various magazines. This library equipped more 76000 books & magazines. Digital library is also available for better understanding to students as well as faculty members. It also consists with the separate reference section. In the library there are separate study rooms are available for students.


KNMIET has auditorium which is highly comfortable with capacity to accommodate more than 2000 of audience while the back stage facilities and wide screen are other commendable aspects. This auditorium plays a significant role in serving the educational environment, and non-educational purposes. Most importantly, extracurricular activities are methodically conducted in this auditorium that is huge and spacious.