Dr. K N Modi Foundation organized a guest lecture on the 19th of Oct. 2013, at KNMIET campus, which was delivered by Mr. Pulkit Trivedi, Industry-Head Technology-Vertical, Google India. Mr. Trivedi discussed the issues and challenges that the students face during the interview process. He also spoke about what the companies like Google want to see in their employees, and, about the work culture at Google. 

Mr. Trivedi has diverse, 14 years of experience in the “technology industry”. He has worked with Intel, Microsoft and IBM across multiple job roles and functions. 

It was an inspiring talk by Mr. Trivedi that left the students all mesmerized, with a lasting impact on their young and vibrant minds. The inquisitive students had several questions for him that he was pleased to answer. On this occasion, the Vice President, Dr. K N Modi Foundation, Capt. Rajeev Saksena, the Directors of the technical colleges of the Foundation, the Dean and other dignitaries were present. 

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