‘Rang Mahotsava’ A colorful event by ‘Chandogya’

“Chandogya ”, the literary and cultural club of our college organizes such events which mesmerize the students completely and fill their soul with comfort and liveliness.

RANG MAHOTSAV is one such colourfull creation of our Chhandogya club, which was filled with humour, singing, poetry and all the essential colours which can make one smile internally from the soul. This event was organized under the guidance of Dr. NISHA VISHNOI , head of  Chhandogya club along with the support of all the team members of the Chhandogya club. This Mahotsav flattered its colours on 3rd of March, 2017. It was planned so as to celebrate the colourful festival HOLI earlier with the entire family of Dr. K N Modi Foundation.

Rang Mahotsav commenced by worshipping and taking the holy name of god along with DEEP PRAJWALAN ceremony by the prides of entire Dr. K N Modi Foundation, Dr. Meghraj Sharma, administrator of the foundation, Dr. P N Hrisheekesha, director of Dr. KNMIET, Dr. Deepankar Sharma, additional director of Dr. KNMIET and HODs of various department.

As the Mahotsav was planned to fill up the environment wth colours, refreshment and bring a colourfull smile on each face, it fulfilled its promise by serving before us some very enjoyable perfomances. As we all know that music has the power to cure one’s sadness, music provides emotion to our soul and it is also a cause of our healthy life, so to make everyone enjoy the mahotsav, very delightful and enjoyable singing perfomances were presented before us  by some very talented students of our institute Dr. KNMIET who are blessed with beautiful voices and they were Ankit Aaditya, Kushagra and very talented Anuj Pratap. Spreading more colours on the eve of mahotsav, a KAVI SAMMELAN was also organized which was hosted by our respected senior and student of our institute Mr. BrajBhusan Pandey with the co-ordination of some very creative poets. The very interesting fact about the KAVI SAMMELAN was the poets, they were none other than the very innovative and talented students of our foundation. Now the most colourfull part of Mahotsav was introduced to everyone which was an AD-MAD competition, filled with humour, skills and drama. The competition comprised of four teams and they had to sell any product within a time limit of four minutes. The team which grabbed the first position sold a “ black beauty face wash “ and impressed the judges with their dialogue delivery and management skills and the team members were Nikhil, Siddhartha, Abhishek and Anubhav who are amazing performers. The team who came 2nd sold “ laali herbal beauty colour” and made everyone laugh and enjoy with their awesome comic advertisement. The members of this team were Mirza Atif, Abishek, Pranjali and Yashi who are very creative students.

At the end everyone who gave their best to make this Mahotsav successful were  praised and Certificated by our Hon’ble director Dr. P N Hrisheekesha. The co-ordinators without whom this mahotsav was not an easy task were praised for their stupendous work. The performers who made the audience live and enjoy the mahotsav were applauded for their work. To catch up and store all the loving memories of mahotsav, a group photo was taken with all the organisers, co-ordinators as well as performers. At the end of the event Dr.Nisha Vishnoi, coordinator of ‘Chandogya’ proposed vote of thanks.