A vivid dream of an experienced educationist and a fabulous person late Dr. Kedar Nath Modi who with a very desirous approach placed the base of Dr. KN Modi Foundation which under the essence of his wisdom, values and vision, metamorphosed the entire foundation to the biggest establishment of technical and management education in all over the country.

Our foundation always surveys the opportunity for students to enhance their overall personality. This fest will be a mark of resonance and remembrances and prove the effect of foundation in the particular field as it is celebrating the 75 th anniversary of excellence and dignity of the KN Modi Foundation. The joint venture of student and management of all the 17 institutes running under the canopy of Dr. KN Modi Foundation which is adored, idolized and overwhelmed by everyone. We have been scintillated by the huge success of UDBHAV 2K16 and the glorifying identity of UTSAV 2K17 EHICH includes Literary, Technical, Fun-zone and sporting events containing certain categories with mobility and with enthusiasm. Focusing on the main reasons of success of Star-Night featuring AMIT MISHRA and band which will be awesome and everything will be smoothly enthusiased